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Coal Prices held back for power producers in China

June 28th, 2010

China requests that coal miners not raise prices

Higher coal prices would increase price of inflation on all things in China, so the Govt. has asked that the Coal Companies keep prices from rising too much…

The prices for coal set by annual supply contracts cannot be changed. All of the state run coal mine operators and coal industry leaders will work together coal prices steady.

The largest Coal Company in China Shenhua has set its price of coal with 5,500 kcal/kg (NAR) was 570 yuan a tonne, while the spot price for the same grade of coal stood at about 760 yuan a tonne.

The Chinese government is trying to help the power plants so they do not continue to lose too much money from high coal prices. The price of energy in China is set by the NDRC.

Spot coal prices have remained stable over the past month as demand from energy-guzzling heavy industry slowed down and recovering hydropower generation took some demand off coal-fired power.